• When will you be fully launched?

    We will have the hosted service and theme launched in 2016. The plugin will follow on in the following months.

  • What Digital Signage platforms do you support?

    Digital Signage for WordPress is designed to fully integrate with ScreenCloud. However it will work on any digital signage platform that allows URLs to be added and supports the display of HTML5 content.

  • How can I install Digital Signage for WordPress?

    The easiest way is to use our hosted service - you simply open an account and get started. Alternatively you can install as a theme using your own WordPress hosting partner or add it as a plugin to your existing WordPress site.

  • Will it cost me?

    The hosted platform will be available for a small monthly fee with an option of a 30 day free trial. It will be free to use for ScreenCloud customers. The theme and plugin will be available for a one off purchase of around $25.